MetaShield Featured in MarketsandMarkets Report

MetaShield Featured in Metamaterials Market Global Forecast as Top 25 Industry Leader

MetaShield LLC, a pioneer in the advanced materials industry was featured in the latest MarketsandMarkets report titled, Metamaterial Market – Global Forecast to 2025. In this current report released by MarketsandMarkets analyzes the global forecast to 2025 based on material type, application, vertical and geography.

Detailed within the MarketsandMarkets report is a comprehensive breakdown of major factors that affect drive and industry growth, the opportunity for stakeholders and investors through profiling these companies, core competencies of each company and competitive developments that can further drive the market. This in-depth analysis was created by interviewing the top 25 industry leaders in the metamaterials industry.

MetaShield’s CEO and founder Martin Ben-Dayan was interviewed back in March to discuss the history of the company, the nanostructured technology (with metamaterial capabilities), and his expected growth for the overall industry. Ben-Dayan offered detailed information about the great advances MetaShield has experienced throughout the growth cycle and shared the discovery story as a platform to discuss the incredible potential expected from these markets. Ben-Dayan, a passionate player in the industry said, “we are looking for the disruptive event that can yield revenues and bring public awareness to the metamaterials market”, and he goes on to say, “MetaShield has that exact potential to disrupt and bring such awareness.”

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About MetaShield LLC

MetaShield LLC, ( is a pioneer in the emerging field of advanced materials – engineered materials with extraordinary properties not found in nature. MetaShield’s core mission is to create highly innovative products that would be both competitively priced and practical for rapid market entry. The company was founded six years ago, with the goal of using the principles of nanoscience to fulfill technology’s fundamental promise of doing more with less; less size, less weight, and less cost.

The silica-based product is a breakthrough ultra-thin coating that meaningfully increases the mechanical strength of ordinary glass without adding size, weight, or visible distortion. The highly skilled research team also established a way to have functional materials seamlessly embedded to provide enhanced properties. Further transforming this resilient thin film into a product with extraordinary capabilities.

MetaShield can be seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing process by not requiring vapor deposition, extensive cure times or heat. The product was designed to dry at room temperature and cure within minutes using conventional application methods. The proprietary MetaShield formula represents the cutting edge of this technology, which is poised to disrupt the $50 billion+ coating market that has been dominated by polymer based materials for the last half century.

Throughout the past six years, MetaShield has developed superior solutions to real world problems. With the end user in mind, the company focuses on the key benefits that the vast majority of industries would look to incorporate into existing products for unprecedented results.