• Enhanced glass break resistance
  • Simple spray coat procedure
  • Full application in under 5 minutes
  • Less than 1 micron thin


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MetaShieldGLASS is an advanced material coating that meaningfully increases the break resistance of common glass. The liquid based formula is easily applied, and dries within minutes into a durable and transparent ultra-thin film. The patent pending MetaShieldGLASS formula is effective in increasing the strength of most types of untempered glass up to 5mm in thickness. For example, single strength glass coated with MetaShieldGLASS is actually more break resistant than standard double strength glass. MetaShieldGLASS is a low VOC, water based formula.


When applied to glass, MetaShieldGLASS achieves a pencil hardness of 10H (JIS K5600-5-4) which is significantly better than common plastics. Testing for thermal cycling (ASTM D6944-15), UV extended exposure (ASTM G155) and humidity extended exposure (ASTM D224-15) all show no obvious changes to MetaShieldGLASS. The coating also demonstrates a nano-indentation hardness of ~2 GPa (ISO 14577-1).