• Enhances glass break resistance
  • 1 micron thin (~)
  • Transparent
  • Simple spray or dip application
  • Quickly dries at room temperature
  • Effective on thin glass (under 2mm)

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Heals glass imperfections where failure begins, with a glass-based formula that tenaciously bonds with glass granules at the molecular level.
Viscoelastic properties
provide further shock absorbing capabilities.

Impact Resistance

Increasing the mechanical strength of glass ordinarily requires thick laminates and/or expensive procedures such as thermal or chemical tempering. The MetaShieldGLASS formula, on the other hand, increases the shatter resistance of glass with an ultra-thin coating that is simply sprayed on or dip coated at room temperatures. Current tempering processes also produce glass specimens that are nearly impossible to mold or manipulate post processing; ordinary glass enhanced with MetaShieldGLASS has no such limitations.

Thin Glass

There are limited options today for strengthening glass that is less than 2mm thick. Heat tempering results in damage to these thin substrates, and chemical tempering is expensive and time consuming. The breakthrough MetaShieldGLASS formula offers an alternative way to strengthen ultra-thin glass, that is both cost-effective and manufacturer-friendly.

Mobile Devices

In the time it takes to read this sentence, six cell phone screens will have shattered worldwide. The MetaShieldGLASS technology has the potential to disrupt the $8.6B(US) market for mobile device cover glass, currently dominated by Corning’s Gorilla Glass and similarly priced offerings. Tempered soda lime glass coated with MetaShieldGLASS provides greater break resistance than Gorilla Glass 3 [uncoated]. Since tempered soda lime glass is dramatically less expensive than Gorilla Glass and similar products, the addition of MetaShieldGLASS can yield tremendous savings for mobile device manufacturers, and may enable them to offer a thinner cover glass as well.