• Enhances glass break resistance
  • Simple spray coat procedure
  • Full application in less than 3 minutes
  • Effective on chemically tempered glass


  • Intertek Third-Party Study (Link)
Impact Resistance

Increasing the break strength of glass ordinarily requires thick laminates and/or expensive procedures such as thermal or chemical tempering. The MetaShieldGLASS formula, on the other hand, meaningfully increases the shatter resistance of both ordinary and chemically strengthened glass with a hair-thin, transparent, and durable coating that is easily sprayed on and dried. For example, single strength glass coated with MetaShieldGLASS is actually more break resistant than standard double strength glass.

Thin Glass

There are limited options today for strengthening glass that is less than 2mm thick. Heat tempering damages thin substrates, and chemical tempering is both expensive and time consuming. The proprietary MetaShieldGLASS technology offers a cost-effective and manufacturer-friendly alternative. MetaShieldGLASS is also effective in increasing the break resistance of ordinary soda lime glass thicker than 3mm.

Mobile Devices

In the time it takes to read this sentence six cell phone screens will have shattered worldwide. MetaShieldGLASS has demonstrated the ability to significantly increase the break resistance of thin chemically tempered glass, which is most commonly used on mobile device displays.


When applied to glass, the coating currently achieves an average nano-indentation hardness of 550 MPa (ISO 14577-1) and pencil hardness of 5H (JIS K5600-5-4,) which is significantly better than common plastics. Linear Taber Abrasion testing yields a low ΔHaze of ~0.35% (500gm/1000 cycles/0000 steel wool.) Testing for thermal cycling (ASTM D6944-15,) UV extended exposure (ASTM G155) and humidity extended exposure (ASTM D224-15) all show no obvious changes to MetaShieldGLASS.