• Enhances glass break resistance
  • Simple spray coat procedure
  • Full application in less than 3 minutes
  • Effective on chemically tempered glass


White Paper
Impact Resistance

Increasing the mechanical strength of glass ordinarily requires thick laminates and/or expensive procedures such as thermal or chemical tempering. The MetaShieldGLASS formula, on the other hand, increases the shatter resistance of both ordinary and chemically strengthened glass with a thin, transparent, and durable coating that is easily sprayed on and dried.

Thin Glass

There are limited options today for strengthening glass that is less than 2mm thick. Heat tempering damages thin substrates, and chemical tempering is both expensive and time consuming. The proprietary MetaShieldGLASS technology offers a cost-effective and manufacturer-friendly alternative.

Mobile Devices

In the time it takes to read this sentence, six cell phone screens will have shattered worldwide. With the ability to meaningfully strengthen chemically tempered glass, MetaShieldGLASS has the potential to disrupt the $8.6B(US) market for mobile device cover glass, currently dominated by Corning’s Gorilla Glass and similarly priced offerings.