meta (μετά) - beyond, transcending

MetaShield innovates advanced materials designed to meaningfully hasten a sustainable future. The company uses the science of nanotechnology to create products that are extraordinary, cost efficient, and practical for rapid deployment.

We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to incorporate functional materials and structures into our products. Our R&D combines theoretical physics, chemistry, and engineering to create scalable advanced materials that are designed to address specific environmental issues. Our company's size and culture promotes the rapid prototyping, testing, and decisions that result in swift and successful innovation.

MetaShield is at the forefront of a 'materials revolution' that is transforming the sustainability of economies worldwide. Industries that have progressed incrementally for generations are beginning to see dramatic advances, at vastly reduced environmental costs. Oil, gas, and coal have made the modern era possible. Advanced materials enable the next leap forward - fulfilling technology’s fundamental promise of doing more with less.