Advanced material that significantly increases glass strength Nanoparticle embedding capability for additional properties

“Over the last half century, our electronics and communications have been transformed by the ‘Digital Revolution’. In the next half century, we will experience a ‘Material Revolution’ that will transform the physical world as we know it.” – Martin Ben-Dayan, CEO & FOUNDER

DISRUPTIVE SILICA-BASED formula technology

MetaShield™ is an advanced nanostructured coating that significantly increases the strength of glass.  The patent pending solution can also be embedded with functional materials that provide enhanced properties to coated substrates, making it highly scalable to multiple industry applications.

MetaShield is easily applied via conventional spray coat and quickly dries at room temperatures into a transparent, durable, and robust thin film.  In contrast to most silica-based offerings, our technology avoids the need for expensive application processes such as extreme heat curing, vapor deposition, or sputter coating.

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Our products

Easily applied 1 micron thin transparent coating significantly enhances glass strength.


(in development)
Abrasion and scratch resistance solution for polymer based materials.


Transparent thin film for substantial UVAB attenuation.

Other applications

(in development)
Exciting advanced materials being developed utilizing the base MetaShield formula.