MPI's Green Performance Standard

• A pilot program investigating OFP (Ozone Forming Potential) initiated by the National Institute of Building Sciences, addressed coating performance relative to environmentally preferable products with the following: “Given that the primary function of paints and coatings is to provide protection for coated surfaces, and thus extend the life of such surfaces, it is imperative for any environmentally preferable product specification to address the equivalence in performance between products being compared. Inadequate consideration of product performance in the past has led to a selection of paints and coatings that have not provided comparable performance, leading to the premature aging of structures on the one hand, or excessive product use to offset performance shortcomings on the other hand.”

Also in the draft specification was the requirement that “only products appearing in the current edition of the MPI Approved Products List under the category for the intended application will be considered for certification, and that continued listing in the MPI Approved Products List will be a condition of maintaining the certification”. The MPI GREEN PERFORMANCE® Standard therefore requires that all products shall meet or exceed the performance requirements of the applicable MPI product standard, evidenced by current listing in the MPI Approved Products List.

Essential Elements of MPI’s Green Performance® Standard

o Performance o Chemical Component Restrictions o Maximum Allowable Limits of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Chemical Component Restrictions

The MPI Green Performance® Standard requires that the manufacturer shall demonstrate that the following chemical compounds are not used as ingredients in the manufacture of the product:

•••Acrolein•••Acrylonitrile•••Antimony ••• Asbestos•••Benzene•••Butyl benzyl phthalate •••Cadmium •••Diethyl phthalate•••Dimethyl phthalate •••Di-n-butyl phthalate•••Di-n-octyl phthalate •••1,2 –dichlorobenzene•••Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate •••Ethylbenzene•••Formaldehyde•••Hexavalent Chromium •••Isophorone•••Lead •••Mercury•••Methyl ethyl ketone •••Methyl isobutyl ketone•••Methylene Chloride•••Naphthalene •••Toluene (Methylbenzene)•••1,1,1 –trichloroethane•••Vinyl Chloride

IARC – Group 1 Carcinogenic to humans [excluding crystalline silica, not in the form of quartz or cristobalite dust].