The MetaShield chemistry formulation allows for the embedding of nanoparticles as large as 200nm. The patent-pending coating platform serves as a robust and durable host for nanoparticles that can be employed for a variety of desired properties and effects, specifically tailored to multiple industry uses. In several instances these particles are infused, in others they are created in situ for more even dispersion.

The MetaShield formula can be infused with almost any nanoscale functional material, making it a highly scalable platform with virtually limitless potential uses. MetaShield has demonstrated its effectiveness in solar cell efficiency enhancement, UV mitigation, advanced thin-film insulation, with several more applications in development.

Researchers seeking to develop and implement nanotechnology solutions are often frustrated by the lack of a reliable delivery/host mechanism for the special nanoparticles that they create. The MetaShield formula offers a delivery solution that is robust, resilient, and fully capable of hosting such functional materials (contact us to partner.)