• ~5 microns thin
  • Advanced abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Simple application

METASHIELDTOUGH offers advanced abrasion resistance to enhance the durability, lifespan, and appearance of various plastic materials

Plastics, such as polycarbonate and acrylic, are strong yet they have very soft surfaces which scratch easily.  The MetaShieldTOUGH coating offers transparent and durable protection for many widely used plastic products that are susceptible to these unsightly abrasions and scratches.  Since the patent pending formula is silica based, it shares many of the properties of glass, without the deficiencies that are commonly found in oil based coatings and epoxies (See technology page for more information).


While plastics offer several excellent properties such as light weight, formability, transparency and low cost, plastic surfaces are not as hard or abrasion resistant as glass. As such, glass remains the material of choice in areas such as transportation, mobile displays, and architecture.


MetaShieldTOUGH would be useful on a variety of polymer based substrates, and could pave the way for redesign in many areas where materials glass, steel or other such materials are currently being used.