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Marine organisms such as algae, bacteria, and barnacles can grow on the hulls of ships, creating drag which decreases fuel efficiency. Shipbuilders generally apply copper paints and hydrophobic coatings to the ship hulls to mitigate the accumulation of these biological organisms. Paint companies continuously try to perfect coatings that can deter sea life from attaching to vessels without harming the environment.

Paints, however, are almost always oil-based and are subject to degradation from weather and sunlight, leading to frequent and expensive repair/replacement. MetaShieldMARINE is being developed using functional materials designed to enhance the resistance to specific nautical elements.

MetaShieldMARINE non-biocidal coating mitigates barnacle formation and accumulation. This unique coating formula is engineered to include copper nanoparticles. By using nanoparticles, it is possible to incorporate more copper with less material volume than even the most advanced paint or latex offerings in this field. Once cured, the MetaShield solution tenaciously contains these nanoparticles from escaping into the sea.