Unique MetaShield formulation to enhance the mechanical strength of semiconductor wafers

The semiconductor industry is plagued with significant waste and yield loss due to breakage and micro-fractures both during fabrication and post production. Previous applications of the coating on glass performed and studied by MetaShield, already show increases in glass mechanical strength.The same mechanism can be applied in the case of semiconducting wafers and yield significant gains in mechanical strength.


Cracks in crystalline silicon cells are a major source of reliability troubles in deployed photovoltaic (PV) modules, and are a significant concern for the module manufacturing companies. The company is currently collaborating with 2 large federally funded US laboratories to investigate the ability of the MetaShield silica-based coating to limit the crack formation and propagation on crystalline silicon cells. The work focuses on increasing the resistance of the cell to the stress and strain originated internally and externally to the PV module. The application of MetaShield is expected to be highly beneficial, increasing PV module durability and reliability, with a very minimal impact on the module manufacturing process.


Collaborative studies are currently underway with tier 1 companies to study the strength enhancing effects of MetaShieldWAFER on germanium cells.