MetaShield™ Hires Senior Chemist, James Colton

Colton brings over 38 years of experience in various chemistries and industry segments


MetaShield welcomes James Colton, Senior Chemist to Research and Development. Colton brings over 38 years of experience in various chemistries and industry segments. Colton has been tasked with developing innovative coating technologies via sol-gel chemistry and nanotechnology, to create unique hybrid polysiloxane based coatings with enhanced performance properties, to further advance the already disruptive silica based coating technology.

Colton said this about his new role at MetaShield, “I’m very excited to have this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity at MetaShield and very optimistic about the potential this technology has to offer the coatings industry”.

He comes to MetaShield with over 10 years of technical management experience in the coatings industry. He is proficient in coating formulation and application in industrial packaging, wood, and specialty coatings. James has an extensive level of expertise in coating application employing UV/EB, thermal, and ambient curing technologies as well as surface modification of various substrates employing nanotechnology.

As a Technical Product Manager with PPG, Colton has applied his knowledge in coating formulation and application through various strategic business units including industrial, packaging, wood, and specialty coatings. He was a key contributor in the creation within PPG’s Specialty Coatings and Materials Division focused on Optical Coatings. It is through his lead in the development process of commercialization of novel scratch resistance coating for Transitions Optical, Inc that resulted in over $100 million in sales.

Colton is an inventor of over 20 patents on novel coatings, primers, and surface treatments for ophthalmic and consumer electronics markets including lenses, visors, films, and transparencies by sol-gel processing techniques. At Koppers Company he was a co-inventor with 4 patents and commercialized a novel, closed-cell phenolic foam thermal insulation product for the industrial roofing market.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He also completed graduate coursework in Polymer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and later attended the University of Pittsburgh to complete graduate coursework in Polymer Chemistry.

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About MetaShield LLC

MetaShield LLC, ( is a pioneer in the emerging field of advanced materials – engineered materials with extraordinary properties not found in nature. MetaShield’s core mission is to create highly innovative products that would be both competitively priced and practical for rapid market entry. The company was founded six years ago, with the goal of using the principles of nanoscience to fulfill technology’s fundamental promise of doing more with less; less size, less weight, and less cost.

The silica-based product is a breakthrough ultra-thin coating that meaningfully increases the mechanical strength of ordinary glass without adding size, weight, or visible distortion. The highly skilled research team also established a way to have functional materials seamlessly embedded to provide enhanced properties. Further transforming this resilient thin film into a product with extraordinary capabilities.

MetaShield can be seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing process by not requiring vapor deposition, extensive cure times or heat. The product was designed to dry at room temperature and cure within minutes using conventional application methods. The proprietary MetaShield formula represents the cutting edge of this technology, which is poised to disrupt the $50 billion+ coating market that has been dominated by polymer based materials for the last half century.

Throughout the past six years, MetaShield has developed superior solutions to real world problems. With the end user in mind, the company focuses on the key benefits that the vast majority of industries would look to incorporate into existing products for unprecedented results.