MetaShield™ Completes USTAR/TAP Grant

MetaShield LLC, a leading nanotechnology innovator in the field of glass based thin-film coatings, completed the Solar Enhancement Project grant from the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative Technology Acceleration Program (USTAR/TAP). The company was selected out of a pool of 71 applicants based of based on its success with short circuit current and photo-conversion efficiency enhancement in triple junction solar cells.

On average, 10% of the light that enters a solar cell escapes without ever being used. MetaShield’s patent pending MetaShieldPV coating is a nanoparticle embedded formula that uses advanced light trapping technology to keep a portion of that light from escaping, thereby increasing overall solar cell efficiency. Recent tests have demonstrated device efficiency increase from 29.39% to 30.58%, i.e., by 1.19% (absolute) and short circuit current density (JSC) increase from 13.81 mA/cm2 to14.48 mA/cm2, i.e, by 0.67 mA/cm2 (or 4.85).

According to MetaShield CEO and founder Martin Ben-Dayan: ”With industry average efficiency gains of .2% per year, MetaShieldPV represents roughly a 5-year technological leap forward. This product can be spray coated and solidified at room temperature making for near-seamless integration into current PV manufacturing processes.”

MetaShieldPV is currently being adapted for use on crystalline-silicon cells, which currently comprise 90% of the $90+ billion market for solar PV. As the sources of fossils fuels like natural oil and coal are depleting, the solar industry is growing rapidly. At present, the U.S. has more than 25 gigawatts of installed photovoltaic capacity and generates about 0.73% of total U.S. electricity

MetaShield™ is a pioneer in glass based ultra-thin coating technology. It’s proprietary nanostructured formula doubles the break resistance of glass, and can also be infused with nanoparticles for enhanced effects. Sprayed on as a liquid, the formula hardens at room temperature into a sheet of glass that is approximately 50 times thinner than a human hair. Since it is glass based, it has superior transparency and durability, yet has the flexibility and versatility normally associated with commonplace waterborne polymer coatings.

MetaShield™ is also a robust and resilient delivery vehicle for nanoparticles that can give ordinary objects extraordinary abilities, without adding size or weight. Nanoparticles tailored to multiple industry uses and applications are seamlessly incorporated, making MetaShield™ a highly scalable “wonder material”.

MetaShield LLC (, founded in 2011, is a nanotechnology company based in New York City with research and production facilities in St. George, Utah. It produces MetaShieldPV, MetaShieldGLASS and MetaShieldUV, for the solar, consumer electronics, and UV mitigation markets respectively.