MetaShield™ Anticipates Availability of Beta Product Launch Q1 2017

The anticipation is building at MetaShield’s research and production facilities in Saint George, Utah. The breakthrough nanotechnology company is preparing for the release of their beta product, MetaShield, a highly scalable and cutting edge glass-based coating technology. The company has been working with Fortune 50 companies on collaborative testing for the coating formula which is set for beta production in Q4 2016.

The proprietary nanostructured formula increases break resistance by making glass twice as strong with virtually no added weight. The designed technology is applied as a liquid and hardens into ultra-thin and flexible sheet of glass that has the ability to absorb and diffuse impact using a complex matrix of nanoparticles.

According to MetaShield’s CEO and founder Martin Ben-Dayan: “MetaShield fulfills nanotechnology’s fundamental promise of doing more with less; less size, less weight, and less cost. MetaShield’s advanced coating technology changes the behavior of underlying materials without changing their weight dimensions by incorporating attributes without adding size weight or dimension”.

MetaShield™ is a pioneer in glass based ultra-thin coating technology. It’s proprietary nanostructured formula doubles the break resistance of glass, and can also be infused with nanoparticles for enhanced effects. Sprayed on as a liquid, the formula hardens at room temperature into a sheet of glass that is approximately 50 times thinner than a human hair. Since it is glass based, it has superior transparency and durability, yet has the flexibility and versatility normally associated with commonplace waterborne polymer coatings.

MetaShield™ is also a robust and resilient delivery vehicle for nanoparticles that can give ordinary objects extraordinary abilities, without adding size or weight. Nanoparticles tailored to multiple industry uses and applications are seamlessly incorporated, making MetaShield™ a highly scalable “wonder material”.

MetaShield LLC (, founded in 2011, is a nanotechnology company based in New York City with research and production facilities in St. George, Utah. It produces MetaShieldPV, MetaShieldGLASS and MetaShieldUV, for the solar, consumer electronics, and UV mitigation markets respectively.