MetaShield Advanced Coating Technology Draws Interest at Defense Innovation Summit

Ability to Enhance Durability and Safety Could Improve Effectiveness of Materials and Equipment, and Lessen Reliance on Petroleum

NEW YORK/ST. GEORGE, Utah, Feb. 1, 2017 – Presentations of MetaShield LLC’s innovative new coating technology was met with strong interest at the recent Defense Innovation Summit, in Austin, Texas, last month. MetaShield scientists Jacob M. Schliesser and Puruswottam Aryal presented on the impact resistance and durability capabilities of its base MetaShieldTM coating and enhanced photo-conversion efficiency of its customized MetaShieldPVTM coating.

Schliesser, a materials chemist at MetaShield, presented “Impact Resistant Thin Film Coating Platform with Tunable Properties,” while Aryal, a project manager with a focus on thin film photovoltaics, presented “Nanoparticle Embedded Dielectric Anti-Reflective Coatings for Enhanced Photo-Conversion Efficiency of Triple Junction Solar Cells.”

Based on feedback from conference attendees which included representatives from the Department of Defense, military branches and defense industry suppliers – MetaShield™’s base coating could help increase the safety, lifespan, and durability of military material and equipment. They had a unique interest in the ability of a glass-based coating that can be applied easily at room temperature, which has historically been the main challenge for using such coatings. Because it is silica (glass) based, it has the superior transparency and toughness of glass, yet has the flexibility and versatility without any of the deficiencies normally associated with common polymer offerings.

According to attendees, the company’s solar offering, MetaShieldPV™, can assist the energy efficiency of U.S. military solar installations, and subsequently cut down on their petroleum needs. The transportation of petroleum is dangerous in militarized zones, resulting in the death of one U.S. soldier for every 50 petroleum transports.

“The Department of Defense is extremely interested in implementing ways to improve the safety and durability of material without adding any size or weight, which is what the MetaShield™ coating was designed to do,” said Martin Ben-Dayan, CEO of MetaShield, which has quickly become a leader in the advanced glass-based coating technology category. “There was also a good deal of interest in Schliesser and Aryal’s presentations and MetaShield’s ability to increase the efficiency of new and existing solar panel installations. We developed our nano-enabled technology to boost the efficiency of solar cells in general, but didn’t fully realize the military application. For military personnel in the field, saving energy means less fuel consumption, which means fewer dangerous fuel runs.”

Attendees at the Defense Innovation Summit were told about “tunable properties” of the baseline MetaShield formula. Because of the proprietary sol-gel chemistry in MetaShield™, functional nanoparticles can be added – to impart their qualities with a generally negligible effect on the physical and mechanical properties of the coating. MetaShield’s base coatings provide for improved impact resistance, enhanced UV protection, as well as scratch and corrosion resistance, among others.

In November, MetaShield conducted an independent research study indicating its proprietary MetaShieldPV™ nanotechnology coating can provide a 1.2 percent (absolute) efficiency boost for triple junction solar cells — representing a five-year technological leap forward based on recent yearly average increases of around .2% for solar PV module efficiency.

MetaShieldPV™ is a nanoparticle embedded glass-based coating that increases solar cell efficiency using advanced light trapping technology. The patent pending formula is spray coated directly onto the existing anti-reflective coating on the solar cells and hardens at room temperature, forming a transparent ~200nm glass film. The embedded nanoparticles employ strong forward scattering to affect optical enhancement in solar cells.

About MetaShield LLC

MetaShield LLC, ( is a pioneer in the emerging field of silica based coating technologies. Its proprietary nanostructured formula doubles the break resistance of glass, and can also be infused with nanoparticles for enhanced effects. Sprayed on as a liquid, the formula hardens at room temperature into a sheet of glass-like material that is approximately 50 times thinner than a human hair. Since it is glass based, it has superior transparency and durability, yet has the flexibility and versatility, without any of the deficiencies, normally associated with commonplace waterborne polymer coatings. MetaShield™ is also a robust and resilient delivery vehicle for nanoparticles that can give ordinary objects extraordinary abilities, without adding size or weight. Nanoparticles that are capable of providing enhanced properties can be seamlessly incorporated, making MetaShield™ a highly scalable “wonder material” for multiple consumer and industry applications. MetaShield LLC is based in New York City with research and production facilities in St. George, Utah. It produces MetaShieldPV™, MetaShieldGLASS and MetaShieldUV, for the solar, consumer electronics, and UV mitigation markets respectively.

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