MetaShield LLC is a pioneer in the emerging field of advanced materials – engineered materials with extraordinary properties not typically found in nature. We founded the company in 2011 with the core mission of creating highly innovative products that would be both cost effective and practical for rapid market entry. MetaShield technology is at the vanguard of the ’material revolution’ that is beginning to transform the physical world and reorder the global economy.


Advanced material coatings hold the promise of upgrading and transforming conventional products by giving them enhanced properties without adding size or weight. Using the power of nanotechnology, the proprietary MetaShield solutions represent the cutting edge of this science, which is poised to disrupt the more than $50 billion coatings market, currently dominated by mundane poly based materials and primarily focused on basic product protection.


MetaShield solutions are a result of six years of research and development using the combined work of theoretical physicists, chemists, and engineers. Our talented researchers employ many of these disciplines, using sophisticated mathematical and particle forecast models to enable rapid prototyping and testing of functional material properties and effects.


The countless properties that various nanoparticles have to offer make the MetaShield model highly scalable to a wide variety of applications and industry uses.  Our products are cost effective and specifically designed for seamless integration into existing high throughput manufacturing processes.  We utilize industry leading, ISO certified contract manufacturing.


Concrete, steel, and silicon made the modern era possible. Nanotechnology represents this era’s greatest opportunity to fulfill technology’s fundamental promise of doing more with less — less size, less weight, and less cost.