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Glenn Mesa Named Director of Product Development

MetaShield, LLC, a pioneer in advanced materials, announced today it appointed Glenn Mesa Director of Product Development. Mesa previous serviced 3 years as MetaShield’s Director of Research & Development. read more

MetaShield Featured in MarketsandMarkets Report

MetaShield LLC, a pioneer in the advanced materials industry was featured in the latest MarketsandMarkets report titled, Metamaterial Market – Global Forecast to 2025. In this current report released by MarketsandMarkets analyzes the global forecast to 2025 based on material type, application, vertical and geography. read more

MetaShield™ Hires Senior Chemist, James Colton

MetaShield welcomes James Colton, Senior Chemist to Research and Development. Colton brings over 38 years of experience in various chemistries and industry segments. Colton has been tasked with developing innovative coating technologies via sol-gel chemistry and nanotechnology, to create unique hybrid polysiloxane based coatings with enhanced performance properties, to further advance the already disruptive silica based coating technology. read more

MetaShield™ Hires Richard Peeler as Senior Manufacturing Engineer

MetaShield is pleased to announce its recent hire Richard Peeler, who will fill the role as the Senior Manufacturing Engineer. In this role, Peeler’s primary function will be to oversee the planning of a new production facility. Peeler said, “I’m very excited to do my part to bring this new technology to the market. It’s truly a game changer”, about his new role with the company.read more

New PV Cell Coating Increases Efficiency and Durability

An innovative new coating technology from MetaShield can make photovoltaic (PV) cell surfaces more durable while it increases efficiency more than 1 percent, all without significant changes in cell or module production processes. By Mark Andrews, Technical Editor.read more

Rise of Silica: Nanotechnology Innovation Creates Opportunity for Novel Product Development
by Martin Ben-Dayan and William Bickmore

Polymers (plastics) such as polyurethane and polystyrene have been the standard coating materials used in the design and development of products and equipment over the last several decades. We see and touch them numerous times on a daily basis. These coatings, while functional, have several deficiencies.read more

Solar Power World: “Technologies Compete as Solar Cell Efficiency Race Continues.”
by By Puruswottam Aryal, PhD, an R&D project manager in MetaShield’s solar division

The continued quest for improved solar cell efficiency is vital to the growth of solar. Many companies are innovating ways to increase efficiency using a variety of technical approaches, not just because of the improved ROI great efficiency provides, but also because manufacturers need to differentiate themselves from the competition.read more

MetaShield Advanced Coating Technology Draws Interest at Defense Innovation Summit

NEW YORK/ST. GEORGE, Utah, Feb. 1, 2017 – Presentations of MetaShield LLC’s innovative new coating technology was met with strong interest at the recent Defense Innovation Summit, in Austin, Texas, last month. read more

Research Study: MetaShieldPV Shatters Solar Panel Efficiency Forecasts with Innovative New Coating

NEW YORK/ST. GEORGE, Utah, Nov. 14, 2016 – MetaShield LLC, a market leader in advanced glass-based coating technology, today announced an independent research study indicating its proprietary MetaShieldPVTM nanotechnology coating can provide a 1.2 percent (absolute) efficiency boost for triple junction solar cells. read more

Material Revolution
by By Martin Ben-Dayan, CEO

Over the last half century our electronics and communications have been transformed by the ‘Digital Revolution’. In the next half century, we will experience a ‘Material Revolution’ that will transform the physical world as we know it. read more

MetaShield™ Completes USTAR/TAP Grant

MetaShield LLC, a leading nanotechnology innovator in the field of glass based thin-film coatings, completed the Solar Enhancement Project grant from the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative Technology Acceleration Program (USTAR/TAP). read more

MetaShield™ Anticipates Availability of Beta Product Launch Q1 2017

The anticipation is building at MetaShield’s research and production facilities in Saint George, Utah.  The breakthrough nanotechnology company is preparing for the release of their beta product, MetaShield, a highly scalable and cutting edge glass-based coating technology. read more