• Substantial UV A/B/C blocking
  • Optically clear
  • 5-10 microns thin
  • Conventional spray coating procedure
  • Protection for light sensitive products


MetaShieldUV is an optically clear, thin, durable coating that contains unique nanoparticles which absorbs a substantial amount of UV wavelengths up to 400nm. The coating can drastically reduce the harmful effects of UV light in both land-based and interstellar applications. MetaShieldUV can be applied and dried in as little as 15 minutes using commercially available spray methods. The patent pending formula is engineered using silica as a base, giving it superior protection against the effects of temperature, UV degradation, and harsh weather.


The $8+ billion market for UV protection for light sensitive materials is currently dominated by relatively thick laminates and/or polymer-based coatings.  These products have significant disadvantages. In the case of terrestrial applications, such coatings are often labelled for indoor use only and are incapable of protecting materials outdoors where they are most susceptible to UV degradation. The cover glass currently used to block UV in outer space offer good protection, but are relatively thick and heavy – a significant disadvantage for interstellar applications.